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Our location

We are the only bali rehab centre located in a peaceful beachside village with a purpose built, amazing healing centre, set in a garden oasis, right on a beautiful white sand beach.

Sanur is well known for its more relaxed community atmosphere and clear waters of its coral lagoon. Our centre is in a very quiet area of Sanur village away from the hustle and bustle of more popular tourist spots. The white sand beach, coconut palms and gentle sea breezes make this a perfect place for healing and rehabilitation.

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Honesty | Integrity | Standards; Ethics

Honesty and integrity are at the core of everything we do.

Established in 2010 as a legally registered wellness centre, we are accredited by FDAP the federation of drug and alcohol professionals. We are also one of the founding members of APRCBAssociation of professional rehab centres Bali.
You and your family can rest assured in our commitment to standards and ethics. We provide honest expert advice.

All the information, pictures and professional team on our website are real and actually here. The accommodation and wellness centre facilities are our own, not just pictures of random villas. Our professional team are actually who will take care of you and our location is beachfront.


Non-commercial, semi-non-profit, charitable company

Our two local childrens foundations are the main beneficiaries, owning 50%, with the remaining profits going toward other good local causes, fair wages for the staff and a cross subsidy rehab program for locals without means for treatment. Our semi non-profit, charitable support, together with successful outcomes for our clients and their families, is our primary motivation.

Not just commercial gain, like so many other centres, unfortunately. We also, do not solicit donations for token charitable activities.


Healing and activities Kolonial house bali rehab center luxuryy accommodation

Realistic, affordable pricing & flexible stay options

Luxury rehab in Asia is more affordable with lower costs. We are less than half the cost of many western and even some other profit orientated companies in Asia, and Bali. High quality, full service, all inclusive programs that are charging any more than around 10,000.00 $ for a 30 day stay are simply profit motivated.
We offer flexible stay options: from 21 days, customized for individuals and the ability to extend by the day/week or plan monthly extended stays, if necessary. Once you feel the primary treatment has successfully overcome the initial and critical first phase, we are happy to assist you to continue your rehab and after care outside the in house program, at transparent, far cheaper, real costs. You can still stay connected to (and supported by the centre) to continue, until you are fully ready to return home, with an after care plan in place.


Bali rehab centre Kolonial house showing how one of their gourp sessions with therapists look like in an open living room

Expert professional team

Our experienced and highly qualified team of mental health and addiction specialists, counsellors, holistic therapists and our entire support team genuinely care about your recovery and will all do their very best to follow our standards and ethics commitment to our service.
They are an amazing team, dedicated to help you transform your life. We do not just use recently recovered clients or inexperienced locals for staff, like many centres do.




Individually customized for each client, within small groups.
SMART recovery program

We only take 6 clients maximum in house and 4 in our private villas for those seeking anonymity or with family support.
We separate mental health and addictive behavioral clients, with customized plan development. We are not a boot camp, one program fits all. Some small group therapy has been proven highly beneficial, offering peer support and experience. We run some group sessions and activities, but do not force clients to attend 12 step meetings, although there are strong, both AA and NA fellowships in Bali, we can introduce clients to, if they choose.
We also are the only rehab centre in Bali, using the SMART (Self Management And Recovery Tools) group therapy program, also based all over the world. We discuss and listen to each clients needs, before recommending and developing a tailored program that can be reassessed and changed as you progress.



No lockdown or forced participation

Careful assessment-screening to maintain harmony.
Our centre is secure, private and safe, however we do not lock clients up. When you feel ready to explore and experience normal life, our support companions can accompany you out.
We also don’t force clients to participate in any therapy, meetings, or activity they prefer not to. We do encourage clients to practice, honesty, acceptance, and positive self esteem. We do not shame or blame and discourage negative stigmas. We carefully assess each clients intake and do not take detoxing clients or those with more serious acute issues. We have a partner, expert primary care facility, that does specialize in the medical care necessary to manage those clients in a safe lock down facility, before possibly joining us when you are more clear, healthy and ready to continue on your healing journey.




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