Take a look at our programme options, treatment methods, amazing activities, and how it all works

Reaching out for support is a courageous and significant step in your journey.

Types of Programmes

Kolonial House residential programme

This programme takes place at the main centre, Kolonial House. We only take guests in 4 of our 8 deluxe private rooms during the span of any programme. This is to ensure individual attention to your treatment, and also gives you the option to join some small group activities, excursions and therapies. This programme is the more affordable option for individuals

Bespoke luxury programme in private villa

We provide 2 private villas for individuals or partners, friends and families. These offer you complete privacy and anonymity, if prefered. You will always have the option to join our activities, excursions and groups at the Wellness Center in order to make the most out of the programme.


This particular programme can be tailor-made for families or couples therapy. It also includes 2 experienced Personal Assistants / Support Workers available to you 24/7. They will look after all your needs.


All therapies and treatments can come to you. Our counsellors have a wide range of experience in many areas of mental health. We can also provide specific education for family members to learn about how to best support their loved ones through difficult times.

Customised Health Retreats at Power of Now Oasis

The wellness center at Power of Now Oasis runs customised health retreats Monday to Saturday, all year round.

These retreats can be done by themselves or even added on after your stay at the rehab centre and incorporated in your aftercare programme, including psychotherapy and counselling sessions and any activities and holistic therapies you choose to include.

Aftercare, pre-arrival & online home programmes

We place great importance on aftercare. All our programmes include a comprehensive development plan to give you the best chance of long-term success. This can include online support from our counselling team.


We can also offer obligation-free advice to develop your own home-care programme. This is for those who cannot come to Bali or may not be suited to our in house or online programmes.


For those waiting for a place as part of pre-arrival, our team can also offer advice and begin a plan including online counselling to prepare for your arrival.

How it Works?

Reaching out for support is a courageous and significant step in your journey. We will listen to you, support and help you, encourage and inspire you to transform your life.

Pre-assessment and arrival

We are happy to offer free advice as part of our comprehensive assessment and initial intake process. If you do decide you would like to proceed, our expert team will begin to develop a customized plan for your stay at Kolonial House or one of our villas. This plan includes travel advice, VIP arrival service at customs/immigration, medical detox advice or referral, and general information. On arrival, a support team member will meet you for the 20 minute transfer to your chosen accomodation. Once settled, our 24/7 in-house doctor will give you a check up and discuss any specific issues, like prescription medications.
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A typical week

Weekdays are structured with therapy sessions and activities designed to support your recovery. The days are not rigidly planned. A number of one on one and group sessions, physical activities and treatment options are encouraged, however you will not be forced to attend anything you do not want to be a part of.
Saturdays are reserved for excursions, sporting and adventure activities, cultural tours and many amazing options Bali has to offer. Sunday is your rest day. You are also welcome to enjoy some of the many optional activities available to you, or simply relax on the beach, around the pool or in your private room/villa.
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We place great emphasis on developing a comprehensive after care plan with your counsellor. Together, we will create a daily routine to follow, discuss ways to manage and avoid triggers, so you can continue to practice the recovery tools and knowledge that we will teach you in-house, after you leave our centre. For those clients with limited financial resources, we can also assist you to transition to budget-safe housing accommodation near by. This way you can continue with your recovery, while being supported by our community, staff and companions. You can continue meetings, selected therapies and treatments and enjoy a further break from your life at home. We don’t offer unrealistic quick fixes at Kolonial House. Generally, the first months particularly and in most cases at least the first 3 months after a retreat, are critical to breaking old habits and forming new motivations and lifestyle changes. The following 6 months and beyond it is still necessary to maintain your healing journey. Our main motivation is to honestly assist you to really transform your life for the long term.
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Daily exercise, positive and enjoyable activities, healthy food, and rest are fundamentals that are always encouraged. Other specific treatments or activities can be arranged based on your preferences.

  • Counselling
  • Psychotherapy
  • Motivational development
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Trauma release exercises
  • Life coaching
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Family systems therapy

In addition, our group therapies are all optional or can be done privately. Although proven benefits, connection, support and friendship are experienced when done together with others.

  • In house group processes and educational coaching
  • SMART recovery programme
  • Yoga classes, yoga therapy, yoga nidra and pranayama/breathwork
  • Chi gung, mindfulness exercises, simple and dynamic meditation
  • Art therapy, sound/music therapy, dancing classes/therapy
  • Balinese cooking classes


  • Ayurvedic medicine and treatments
  • Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture
  • Naturopathy and nutritional consulting
  • Colonic irrigation
  • Balinese traditional healing and spa
  • Western medicine, 24/7 on-call
  • Herbal steam room, cold plunge bath
  • Chi machine
  • Inversion board
  • Floatation therapy
  • Bokashi therapy
  • Massage and beauty therapies
  • Full spa and cosmetic treatments
  • Full-size gym with personal trainers
  • Boxercise and martial arts
  • Swimming and beach walking
  • Water sports, snorkeling and diving with mantas
  • Golf, tennis, and horse riding
  • Adventure activities and trips to neighbouring islands
  • Trips around Bali including cultural and spiritual excursions like water blessings and temples, village tours, sightseeing, and shopping
  • Jungle and volcano treks