How the program works

This program is delivered by expert health professionals, specialized in treating mental health issues and addiction recovery. Our private residential property and healing centre is located in a safe and tranquil beachside community in Sanur. We believe this location is perfect for doing the healing work, that will change the course of your life. Whereverit’s possible, we encourage family involvement with a customized family support program. If required, we stay in contact with families, giving regular updates on loved ones progress and wellbeing.

Please check out our treatment methods

Our specific rehabilitation services were developed for patients and their families, who are actively searching for a way to break the cycle of addictions, alcohol abuse and mental health issues. It combines evidence-based, best practice clinical treatments and holistic therapies, as well as general health and wellness activities designed to promote positivity and wellbeing. These elements are carefully tailored to create a custom program for each of our clients, to ensure recovery is successful. We only accept six clients maximum at any time in our luxury rehabilitation centre, at kolonial house. We also have four private luxury villas close by, for families or those requiring more privacy and after care transition accommodation.

We also believe that recovery can’t happen when a person is forced to participate in a program. This is why we only accept clients who have made the decision to accept our help. We carefully screen our clients during our initial intake, to ensure we maintain harmony in our small group, with suitable clients. We don’t accept detoxing clients or those with acute or chronic illnesses. We refer these clients to our specialist partner and primary care facility, nearby on the island. They are a lockdown centre, with the specialist care required for some clients, before possibly joining us to complete their recovery. If you seek our support honestly and willingly, we can provide you with the encouragement and skills you need for your recovery journey.

Please get in touch with us, to take the first step. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

A typical week at Kolonial rehab

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What does a typical week involve at our Bali rehab centre?

Monday to Friday is structured with therapy sessions and activities designed to support your recovery. These days are not rigidly planned.
A number of one on one and group sessions, physical activities and treatment options are encouraged, however clients are not forced to attend anything they do not want to be a part of.

Saturdays are reserved for excursions, sporting and adventure activities, cultural tours and many amazing options bali has to offer, including rafting, temple tours, beach and jungle walks, mountain and volcano trekking, snorkeling and boats trips, island visits, nature parks, village tours and all the iconic attractions bali is famous for.

Sunday is your rest day. You are also welcome to enjoy some of the many optional activities available to you, or simply relax on the beach, around the pool or in your private room/villa.


Pre-assassement & arrival


We are happy to offer free advice as part of our comprehensive assessment and initial intake process.

If you do decide you would like to proceed, once you confirm with us, our expert team will begin to develop a customized plan for your stay at Kolonial House. This plan includes travel advice, VIP arrival service at customs/immigration, medical detox advice or referral, and general info related to your program. On arrival, a support team member will meet you for the 20min transfer to Kolonial House. Once settled, our 24/7 in house doctor will give you a check up and discuss any specific issues, like prescription medications.


Customized programs in our private villas & family programs


If you prefer privacy or anonymity, or if you have any family members or support friends that may want to stay or visit with you during or after your treatment, we can organise a private villa offsite for you. Of course, we encourage you to participate in the group therapy sessions and attend the main facilities to get the most out of the program.
We can customize a program for clients and families with specific needs, including mental health issues, relationship problems, or those just requiring more private one-on-one sessions. Our counsellors have a wide range of experience in many areas of mental health. We can also provide specific education for family members to learn about how to best support their loved ones through difficult times.



Detox for alcohol and drug addictions

For substance addiction issues: Do I need to withdraw before attending rehab for alcohol and drugs?


Kolonial House is not a medical detox facility. This means you will need to undergo detox before arriving at our rehab centre for treatment. We believe this critical first phase of rehabilitation should be managed by experts who specialise in detox from drugs or alcohol. We have a trusted partner we refer to, for care in a professional medical detox facility close by.
We have also found that separating withdrawing clients from those in recovery is optimal for the recovery of our clients. Once you are detoxed and rested, and your mental clarity and health has improved, you will be better placed to succeed in the recovery process.
If you or a family member would like a referral to a trusted medical detox facility, we can provide you with the information you need. We highly recommend drawing on the support of a professional, if you anticipate chronic withdrawals.
Some people do prefer to detox at home with the support of family and a local doctor. However, for chronic addictions, we do find that the best outcomes occur when a person enters an inpatient medical facility for a period of at least five to fourteen days.
If you’re not sure whether or not you need to detox before starting rehabilitation services with us, we can assess your situation, and provide advice on the best step forward.



Non lockdown – supported flexibility

Am I free to leave the residence during treatment?


Yes, we believe gradually integrating back into the community is critical for long term recovery. When recovery happens in lockdown, it is common for people to experience difficulty when returning home and living outside the bubble of rehab in the real world.

This is why we want you to experience some of the challenges of the outside world, while you have access to counsellors and other experts, trained to support you with any hurdles you may face during your addiction rehab in Bali.
Of course, we have support companions who are available to accompany you when you are ready to explore the peaceful community around our healing centre.


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Flexible stay options

Which length of stay options do I have?


Our clients are generally required to stay for a minimum of 21-days at our addiction rehab in Bali, as we believe this is the minimum amount of time needed for a successful recovery.

Depending on your personal circumstances, it is generally accepted that our 30, 60, or 90-day programs work best to ensure full recovery and to prevent relapse. We will, together with you, decide what’s best for you on your individual journey of rehabilitation. We offer the flexibility to extend your stay, if you choose to. If more time is recommended, we will discuss this with you during one of your counseling sessions.


Bali rehab centre Kolonial House experts while talking

Individually customized, within small groups

Why do you only take small groups for Bali rehab retreats?


We only accommodate six clients in house and four in private villas, as this allows our team to deliver a high level of personalised care. We have also found that small group therapy sessions are highly beneficial, as clients can support one another, while still having regular access to one-to-one counselling.
Our experienced team is here to support, guide and encourage you within our structured program, which is focused on your long-term recovery.


after care and relapse prevention

What happens after your rehab retreat?

Is there an after care planning, or relapse prevention available?

We place great emphasis on developing a comprehensive after care plan with your counsellor. Together, we will create a daily routine to follow, discuss ways to manage or avoid triggers and stay motivated and continue your recovery and transform your life. With the recovery tools and knowledge that we will teach you in house, you can continue to practice after you leave our centre.

For those clients with limited financial resources, we can also assist you to transition after your in house stay here, to a more budget safe housing accommodation, near by. This way you can continue with your recovery, while being supported by our community, staff and companions. You can continue with ongoing meetings, selected therapies and treatments and enjoy a further break from your life at home. We don’t offer unrealistic quick fixes at Kolonial House. Generally, the first months particularly and in most cases at least the first 3 months after a retreat, are critical to breaking old habits and forming new motivations and lifestyle changes. The following 6 months and beyond it is still necessary to maintain your healing journey. Our main motivation is to honestly assist you to really transform your life for the long term

Our mantra at all times:

We will listen to you, support and help you, encourage and inspire you. We won’t force you to do anything

Customized health retreats at Power of Now Oasis

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The wellness center at Power of Now Oasis runs customized health retreats Monday to Saturday, all year round.

These retreats can be added on after your stay at the rehab center and incorporate your after care program, including psychotherapy and counseling sessions and any activities and holistic therapies you choose to include.
For full details, pricing and all the options, please visit our Health Retreats website.

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