Kolonial House is our own private and peaceful sanctuary located in Sanur, a 20min drive from the airport and just a five-minute walk from the wellness centre on the beach. We only take care of a handful of guests at a time, to ensure you receive the best possible care in a supportive group setting. We also have private deluxe villas, for those clients preferring anonymity, or who would like to bring family support and customise a program to suit their requirements.

  • 8 deluxe private rooms with ensuite bathrooms
  • Fast WIFI, satellite TV and DVD player in each room
  • 2 swimming pools
  • Beautiful gardens, with koi and turtle pond
  • 2 large common areas and 2 kitchens
  • Consultation rooms
  • Spa treatment area and steam room



Facilities at the beachside:

  • 2 yoga studios
  • Treatment rooms
  • Chill lounge area, Juice Bar with sound system and musical instruments
  • Main office, with business facilities, printing, scanning and fast WIFI
  • Garden oasis with hammock therapy area, next to our sacred cow Angelique


  • 24/7 full size gym, with professional personal trainers including boxing exercise and martial arts
  • Genius beach cafe, 50m from wellness centre (also providing delivery/room service). With several other restaurants options, all close by, providing a healthy variety of top quality food and drinks, all inclusive for our clients.
  • Private luxury 2-, 3- & 4-bedroom villas, all close by the wellness centre and kolonial house
  • The best full spa in Sanur for professional massage, wellness and other treatments
  • Rip Curl water sports, including surfing, stand up paddle boarding, ocean kayaks and snorkelling tours
  • Tennis courts and golf course
  • Maia, our own (45-foot) Catamaran, which is an alternative group meeting and therapy space, and  used for sailing, swimming and meditation on the ocean



Our shrine is the ocean. A rich and very active local community surround the studio, with a large temple and local market close by.  Sanur is well know for its gentle, relaxed atmosphere, its quaint cafes and restaurants, and a multitude of fun activities like kite-surfing, snorkelling and traditional sailing.

The clear water of the coral lagoon, together with the white sand beach, coconut palms, and gentle sea breeze make this a very special part of Bali. The roads are safe for cyclists, and pedestrians and the beaches are free from noisy, clubs and bars. The main town is chilled out and filled with a harmonious mix of relaxed tourists, ex-pats, locals and families.

There are still lively activities but also spots in which you can be left alone and at peace. The waves are calm, the beach is brilliant white and pristine, the surf breaks are great to catch a morning or late afternoon ride, the sunset is breathtaking and the sunrise? Well, there aren’t any words to describe it.

So if you are truly looking for a place to unwind during your holiday without all that noise and traffic and massive amount of people, give Sanur a chance.  Mass tourism hasn’t gotten its hands on Sanur (and we pray it never will) which leaves everyone, local, expats and tourists alike a lot more calm and a lot more happy.

Two women on the beach forming a heart with their arms to celebrate Bali rehab centre kolonial house