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Our Story/Concept

Our Story began in 2010, when our founder, Chris, arrived in Bali to semi-retire. He used to come to Sanur beach every morning and believes he was very fortunate to find the beachfront property in our peaceful area of Sanur. We opened in 2011, and then, in 2013, we were also lucky to find and purchase Kolonial House, previously a small boutique hotel close by.

Fortunately, as Chris is the sole owner and a self-funded retiree, we are not motivated by profit which makes a big difference to most other commercially motivated wellness and retreat centres. We spare no expense in our service. Guests safety and well-being is a priority. We carefully screen each guest and choose to refer acutely ill, or detoxing substance abuse inquiries, to expert medical clinicians, before possibly joining us for further recovery and retreat services. We do not claim to be able to treat anyone or mix severely ill people with our guests.

Our facilities and location are second to none. Our wellness retreats and mental health wellness programmes offer a high level of luxury service. Every programme is individually customized and fully facilitated to your needs. Most therapies are one-on-one, with the option to join small groups for various activities. Delivering our service with honesty and integrity at a reasonable price is our core principle. We only take 4 clients in-house and 2 in our private villas at any one time to ensure you receive personal attention and ample access to expert therapists. 

We incorporate all the best holistic and clinical therapies available. We only use professional western psychotherapists, together with several expert holistic practitioners experienced in ayurvedic medicine, Chinese medicine/ acupuncture, naturopathy, and our own team of experienced and accredited yoga and meditation teachers.

Our team are the best professionals available in Bali, and the facilities and peaceful location are perfect for recovery and healing. Our primary motivation is to provide the highest standard of care and honestly help as many people and their families as possible while supporting the local staff, community, and foundations, who are the main beneficiaries. Our local team is like a family. You will experience this genuine feeling and be fully supported. With us, there is no shame in asking for some help. We understand and genuinely only want to assist people in getting well and recovering for the long term. These are some reasons we believe our programme to be fairly unique and one of the most effective.

What Makes Us Different

Our top priority is to provide genuine assistance to individuals through their healing journeys at a reasonable cost. Here are some of our unique features.
Individually customized, one-on-one treatment. Four in-house, plus two private villa clients, max at any time.
Specialized mental health programme. No substance abuse detoxing clients.
Expert team of truly experienced western psychotherapists, holistic practitioners, and full support team.
Beautiful boutique accommodation, and private villas.
Semi non profit, charitable foundation. Highly regarded centre, established 2010.
Beachfront Wellness Centre, safe and peaceful location.
Honesty, integrity, standards and ethics. Quality assurance guarantee.
Reasonable, all-inclusive pricing

Meet Our Team

Our mission/ethos is to provide a high standard of service, with integrity, delivered by professionals at an affordable price,
to genuinely help individuals and families with honest advice.


Program Director

Paul is our program director, oversees all aspects of the program management and is passionate about helping all our clients during their recovery process.
Originally from Australia, he made Bali his second home as he loves the culture and spirituality of the people. Semi retired now, he has been assisting with Pono and Kolonial House management for several years, with a wide ranging background, including farming, ambulance officer, and chairing several community committees.


Program Coordinator

Amelia co-ordinates the rehab programs at Kolonial House bali rehab centre, retreats and trainings, which operate at the centre. Your initial contact is likely to be with Amelia, as she will connect you with the most suitable specialist for your initial advice. Amelia will then assist you with all the details of admission, including travel and other special requirements.


Program Clinical Director | Counselling

Caris uses an integrated approach to therapy sessions which has been developed over years of experience. In addition to philosophical insight, often alternative, creative methods enhance the process by encouraging a deeper connection to emotions. This in turn leads to greater acceptance, awareness and an increased possibility for permanent change.

As a registered Arts Therapist, accredited Emotional Anatomy Practitioner and Yoga Teacher, these practices can be implemented or incorporated to assist sessions depending on the client’s needs. As an AromaTouch Technique and Reiki Practitioner she delivers body work and intuitive channelling sessions appropriate to her clients’ needs. She is passionate about her work and believes that every challenge provides us with an opportunity for growth and development.

David Wiles

Consulting Psychotherapist | Counsellor

David grew up in Australia and in his early work years was employed as a Youth Worker, Government Social Worker and Community Worker. At the age of 30 he moved to Indonesia and worked in various fields including teaching English as a foreign language, University lecturer in Academic Studies and Maths, and the past several years after becoming an Indonesian citizen working as a Recovery Therapist and Coach here in Bali.
David has a master’s degree in Counseling & Psychotherapy and is a certified Focusing Oriented Therapist and Trainer, a trained Level 2 Internal Family Systems Therapist and continues training in Bowen Family Systems Theory. He enjoys working with people battling substance abuse, helping them to identify the emotional patterns in their behavior, assisting in relieving trauma and wounds and aid the learning to develop a more solid, differentiated self. David is also a certified TRE (Trauma Release Exercise) provider and uses this body oriented method to assist clients attain a more regulated and relaxed nervous system which can allow for greater movement into mindfulness and change.

Dr Abishek Joshi

Ayurvedic Doctor (Phd) & Yogi

Dr Abishek is a highly trained Ayurvedic physician from India. He is one of only a handful of PhD practitioners, and has extensive experience treating patients in recovery. Dr Abishek also practices yoga, and is known for his spiritual and calming nature. His family runs one of the leading traditional Ayurvedic medical hospitals in India.

Doctor Ari Sudhewa

Resident GP | on Call 24/7

Dr Ari delivers 24/7 medical and nursing care to clients at our Bali rehab centre. He is a very experienced GP, who is also backed by fluent English language skills. Dr Ari’s clinic is one of the best in Bali. His services include overseeing all of the medical needs of our clients, including medications and general care.

Tony Lim

Chinese Medicine | Acupuncture

Sensei Tony Lim is a highly advanced traditional Chinese medicine practitioner. He specialises in acupuncture and other forms of Chinese Medicine that heal and support individuals through the process of rehabilitation. He has many years of experience in treating people for addiction and works with clients at the Power of Now Oasis.

He also has a private clinic – you can visit him here.

Merta Ada

Meditation & Traditional Healer

Merta is a famous local healer and expert meditation teacher, with an abundance of experience helping people through addiction recovery, trauma, depression, and other illnesses. He conducts meditation retreats at his sanctuary, which our clients can be a part of. Chris has been a student of Merta for over 20 years and believes he is one of the most amazing teachers and people.

We highly recommend his 6-day Health Meditation retreat to everyone. They run throughout the year, and you can also learn and practise online daily, for free. Please visit him here.

Ibu Dayu

Ayurvedic Treatments & Yoga and Meditation Instructor

Ibu Dayu specialises in Ayurveda, a system of traditional medicine and practices, which focus on healing the mind, body and spirit. Ibu’s Ayurvedic treatments are supported by her yoga and meditation teachings and can be particularly beneficial to recovering clients. She is always smiling and loves laughing yoga.


GP & Yoga Teacher

Menik is a practising physician and passionate yogi. She is also one of the lead teachers at the wellness centre, bringing a wealth of knowledge, together with a friendly and empathic approach to treating and teaching clients. Menik has worked at an international hospital in Bali since 2015, but now balances her medical work with grounding yoga practice and teaching.

Nyoman, Gede and Ketut

Accommodation Management | Housekeeping | Food

The team takes care of guest relations, housekeeping, and property management at Kolonial House, together with other house staff, who are like a family. Their work includes organizing food for our clients in-house, as well as coffee, tea, juices, and takeaway delivery. They never stop and love to connect and be of assistance to our guests.

Ayu, Indah and Yuyun

Wellness Support Staff

Ayu, Indah and Yuyun run the wellness centre together. They ensure you are cared for, while also managing all wellness therapies, appointments and yoga classes, as well as the Juice Bar, sporting and adventure activities, and cultural excursions. They are a ray of sunshine and go above and beyond to ensure you have an amazing stay.

soleman1 (2)

Karma Yoga

We are proud to be a semi non-profit company with local foundations as the main beneficiaries. The remaining profits primarily support other good local causes including scholarships and training for locals, fair salaries for all the staff and the continued development of the studio business. Our charitable support together with successful outcomes for our wellness retreat guests, and yoga students is our primary motivation. Standards and ethics are at the core of our operation.

We proudly support the amazing Sole Family Foundation. One of Bali’s most highly regarded NGOs, they have been doing fantastic work supporting some of the most disadvantaged families and poor people in Bali; for more than 12 years. They are a trusted and professionally run charitable organisation committed to changing lives in Bali. They:

  • Assist people living with disabilities, mental health disorders and acute or chronic illness and their families throughout Bali.
  • Assess and address immediate challenges.
  • Develop a sustainable plan based on individual family needs.
  • Engage with local communities for their support to optimise outcomes.

Please check them out here and see for yourself. If you would like to help in any way, please contact them directly.


Here's why guests choose to stay with us. If you feel that you are ready take the next step in your recovery,
please don’t hesitate to contact us to arrange a call with one of our trained counsellors.

My mental health was declining every day and I was getting to the point where I was losing hope for my future. Going back to Bali to find the healing that I so needed felt like the perfect fit for me. I encourage anyone who is suffering from depression and anxiety to open up their hearts to this facility. I promise you that you will be in good hands and the experience and teachings are well worth it. I felt like I was given a second chance at life.



I cannot describe in words how much the counsellors and the whole team has been supportive through this journey to my true inner self. The team are highly qualified in their areas, very experienced and understanding. They gave me a strong foundation in guiding me with trust, kindness and love during the process. It was also very helpful for me that I could learn the right tools to handle my emotions and my mind and my physical symptoms. Before I never could imagine how powerful the tools of meditation, yoga and others in combination could be. I am so grateful for the help I received here. I can tell honestly that it was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life. I never thought it is possible, that I ever feel the way about life, like I do now.



Kolonial House Bali mental health & wellness centre changed my life.



So so grateful for this programme and every door it has opened for me since completion.



Amazing wellness retreat centre!


United Kingdom

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