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Welcome to Kolonial House

Effective individual treatment
for substance abuse and mental health.

Kolonial House is a private luxury rehab and retreat centre established in 2010 and located in the peaceful beachfront village of Sanur, Bali. Our programmes are tailored to the unique needs of each client. We specialize in the effective treatment of substance abuse including alcohol or drug addiction and mental health issues, trauma, anxiety, stress and depression.
About Us

Individual Care

To ensure the high standard of individual care, we only take four clients at our main centre in private deluxe rooms, and two clients preferring total privacy, in our luxury, 5-star villas.

Accredited Team

The programme is delivered by experienced, accredited professionals. We are committed to the standards and ethics accredited by Addiction Professionals (AP). AP holds the professional register of people who work in the addiction treatment sector and provides a range of qualifications and accreditation.

Wellness Centre

Both Kolonial House and the two villas are a short walk from the beach and our wellness centre, the Power of Now Oasis, where we also run shorter, customised health retreat programmes.

Flexible choice and options

Our treatment is personally tailored and one to one, with total privacy in our villas or the more affordable residential accomodation at the center. You will have the option to join some proven beneficial group classes, activities and island excursions or simply relax by the pool, or maybe catch a movie in your room.

Learn more about
our rehab programmes

  • Private luxury villa programme
  • In-house bespoke programme
  • Health retreats at Power of Now Oasis
  • Aftercare, pre-arrival and online home programmes

Transform your life

Individually customised rehab and retreat programmes in Bali
Therapies, Activities and Fundamentals

We use a combination of effective holistic and clinical therapies, and other evidence based treatments. Daily exercise, positive and enjoyable activities, healthy food, and rest, are fundamentals that are always encouraged.

Freedom to Explore

When you feel ready, you will have the freedom to explore and enjoy the surrounding area with a support companion. Walk down the beach, chill out in the gardens at the wellness center/cafe, or go to the 24/7 gym. It’s all up to you.

Transitioning from the safety bubble of rehab is very important for long-term recovery before returning home. You can also add on a health retreat or transition support weeks after your initial programme. Explore the island and learn to enjoy life again, with our full support and guidance.

Obligation-free Advice, Pre-assessment

We are happy to offer free advice as part of our comprehensive assessment and initial intake process. If you do decide you would like to proceed, our expert team will begin to develop a customized plan for your stay at Kolonial House or one of our villas.


We place great importance on aftercare. All our programmes include a comprehensive development plan to give you the best chance of long-term success. This can include online support from our counselling team

We are proudly a semi non-profit company. Our two local children’s foundations are the main beneficiaries. The remaining profits go toward other local causes, fair wages for the staff, and a cross-subsidy rehab programme for locals without means of treatment. 

Our charitable support together with successful outcomes for our clients and their families is our primary motivation. Standards and ethics are at the core of our operation.

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Here's why guests choose to stay with us. If you feel that you are ready take the next step in your recovery,
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Kolonial House Bali rehab centre changed my life.



Amazing rehab retreat centre!


United Kingdom

So so grateful for this programme and every door it has opened for me since completion.



I felt like I was given a second chance at life.